About Us

Fibernet, Inc. (established in 1994) is a top-tier contractor that provides fiber optic splicing, testing, and value-engineering services throughout the northwestern United States.  We are a fun and energetic group of technicians, engineers, and business leaders who love what we do.  It is our goal to make you successful.

Our Team

Our Goal

To make you

(and your projects)


Our Mission

To provide superior fiber optic splicing, testing,

and value-engineering services to trusted partners

in the telecom industry.

Our Vision

Fiber to every home.

Fiber to every premise.

What We Do

​We provide fiber optic splicing, testing, and value-engineering services.


Who We Serve

We serve telecommunication companies with fiber optic infrastructure needs.  We work directly with telephone companies, public utility districts, network providers, electrical contractors, private developers, and government organizations. Most of our work is in the west and northwest regions of the U.S.

Why Choose Us?

1. Our goal is to make you successful.

2. We stand by our work - and we do what we say we'll do.

3. Your critical path is our critical path.  We get the work done on time.

4. We take complete ownership of our work and assure your needs are met.

5. All our work is professional and of high quality.

6. Safety comes first.

7. We get it right - the first time - every time.

8. We take pride in our responsiveness and quick turn-around.

9. You will use us again - and again - and again.

10. We are a 3 in 1 fiber optic service including: Splicing, Testing, & Value-Engineering.

11. We use state-of-the-art testing equipment and software.

12. We provide you the best value-engineering experience (licensed P.E. on staff).

13. We take care of the environment.


14. We are a highly trained team of professional.

15. We are a family-friendly business and equal opportunity employer.

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