Why Choose Us?


We are ETA Certified Fiber Optic Technicians who use state-of-the-art equipment to produce high quality fusion splices the first time, every time.


Our testing team is professional and very responsible.  We are known for our problem-solving capabilities and quick turn-around.  We stand by our work.

Are you our customer?

We provide splicing, testing, and value-engineering services to fiber optic communities and organizations.

We serve telecommunication companies with fiber optic infrastructure needs.

We work directly with telephone companies, network providers, electrical contractors, private developers, and government organizations.


With a licensed engineer on staff and years of experience in the fiber optic industry, we provide our customers with professional onsite networking and value-engineering consulting.


“Fibernet, Inc. is the best fiber splicing crew in the northwest.  They are a top-tier contractor with excellent service.  We would use them again and again.”

Kelsey N.


Our Mission

To provide superior fiber optic splicing, testing, and value-engineering services

to trusted partners in the telecom industry.

Our Goal

To make you (and your projects) 


Our Vision

Fiber to every home.

Fiber to every premise.

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1. We provide three fiber optic services: - Splicing - Testing - Value-Engineering